Your Obsessions

You may have many interests, of which a few might be powerful enough to power a story. These are your obsessions.

Include as much of your obsessions, infatuations and confusions as possible in your writing, though maybe not the specifics which can often be boring, at least to yourself. It is time to take the kernel of an idea and make it into something different.


Anger is a conscious reaction to being frustrated.  It is a map that tells us what we didn’t like about our past. It shows us our boundaries.  It should never be acted out but acted upon.

There is always a consequence to anger.  It tells us that we need escape our old life and habits. It tells us that we are need to be reborn.

Anger is an invitation to action. But anger itself is not the action.

The bored reader

There are no rules out there, but there are sins and the cardinal sin is boredom. Robert McKee

The bored reader puts the book aside. Why? Possibly the writer grew enchanted with his powers of description and failed to keep the ball rolling. Characterisation, theme, mood; none of these stand for anything if the story is dull. Yet, if the story grabs you, all else can be forgiven.