Writing Dialogue

Avoid people talking in a vacuum! It must be perfectly clear where your characters are and what they are doing while they are talking.

Give the reader a chance to breathe and keep his interest alive by removing the obvious answers.

Create thrills between the lines.

Just as in real life conversations, allow your characters to misunderstand, talk across purposes, change topics of conversation, get angry, interrupt each other, hesitate, answer questions with questions.

Remember that many conversations are meant to hide instead of highlight and explain the reality. Thus good dialogue hides in silence and lies instead of revealing the truth.

Self Discovery

Write ‘Who Am I?’ on ten cards. Then write rapidly without censoring. Now, sort the cards in order of importance.

Read these back. Imagine them written by someone else and ask :
1. What do these cards tell you about this person?
2. What things are most important?
3. What types of things would this person enjoy doing?
4. If this person had six months to live, how would he spend his time?