Pay attention to your dreams

Dreams are often like scenes from films. There is always a strange sense of place and time and it is the feeling of dislocation that I try to capture.

During the daytime, relax and reactivate the dream. Write in a few sentences or draw a mindmap. Write as if you are pitching a story or if you draw, then use line and colour.

All dream characters are part of you – so look at what happens from each character’s point of view. What do they need? What motivates their actions and goals? How do they feel?

Where do the dreams take place? What else could happen in this setting? What would normally not happen?

What was the plot? What was the theme?

Can you improve the dream if you changed something? Maybe the ending or the characters?

And, if you have problems remembering your dreams, then last thing at night say to yourself ‘I’m going to remember my dream’.

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