Two character questions

  1. What is your character hoping for?
  2. What is your character afraid of?

Something or someone must stand in her way otherwise there is no conflict, no tension and therefore, no story.  The dramatic tension lies in the contrast between hope & fear.

Your reader wants two things – to identify with your hero and to escape from her own reality.  So, from the outset, tell us what the hero wants to achieve. That is our hook into the story. Now, keep the hero focused on this objective. Nothing else matters.

If your hero moves aimlessly through the action, only reacting to events, then we are in danger of losing our interest in her story.

So, force the hero into action. And the more extrovert she is, the better. Extroverts just can’t help making a fuss. Add to that the ability to be frightened and you have got an interesting character.  Without fear, your character can’t exhibit true courage. And if there is no courage, then the character doesn’t grow and isn’t changed by the adventure. And that would be a disappointment.