Haruki Murakami’s Daydreaming

Murakami’s sense of himself as a sort of pipeline – a conduit between his subconscious and that of his readers – is so pronounced that he even pauses, after referring to himself in passing as a “natural storyteller”, to issue a correction: “No, I’m not a storyteller. I’m a story watcher.” His relationship to those [...]

Start a Dream Diary

Some of the best scenes and storylines can spring unbidden from the recesses of your unconscious mind. If you're unable to recall every piece of your dream, don't fret! Just as snippets of newspaper articles can be used as a catalyst for your next story, dream snippets can provide unique bits and pieces which can [...]

A dream

A dream can be an answer to a question that you haven’t yet known to ask. The images may be vastly varied and magnificently interesting and most of all uninflected.  It is the juxtaposition of these unrelated trivial details and images that gives the dream its power, terror and beauty.