Who is your reader?

I have a ton of books I want to read. When I was a teenager, I would obsessively read everything by a favourite author. Nowadays I recognise it’s just not possible to read everything. There is not enough time. Knowing this, what is it that we want for our readers? Our readers are strangers, yet [...]

Reeling in the reader

We, the readers, have total control over your story. We control when we start to read and when we stop. You cannot force us to do anything. This is our choice. We want to read stories filled with a sense of continuity and life. We are looking to step into the characters’ skins and to [...]

The bored reader

There are no rules out there, but there are sins and the cardinal sin is boredom. Robert McKee The bored reader puts the book aside. Why? Possibly the writer grew enchanted with his powers of description and failed to keep the ball rolling. Characterisation, theme, mood; none of these stand for anything if the story [...]

Know your reader

The reader is asking three questions ’Why is this character here? What is he doing? And why is this happening now?’ Don’t disappoint but deliver the goods. Buying the book is a contract between the writer and the reader. What do they expect? Know this and deliver. Never give the reader anything they don’t need [...]