The writer

What do you believe?

What do you believe? What interests you? What questions do you have? Are you looking for answers?

Commit to your beliefs. Let the truth come out through your writing. Start with the simplest beliefs and then spread out, allowing them to become complicated. What are the consequences of your beliefs? What is the good and the bad in them?

When writing your story, use this knowledge to influence your writing, but don’t make the mistake of telling us what you believe. Let us work it out for ourselves.

The writer

Have faith in yourself

Never go against your beliefs. Pursue your ambitions with passion – not for thirty minutes, not thirty days, but for thirty years. And each day you will succeed.  It is about being consistent. It is about getting up each time you are knocked down, again, again, again. Remember – if at first, you don’t succeed, you are running on average.

Don’t see every problem as a nail and every solution a hammer. Be flexible.

Practice your writing, build your experience and in the end, you will succeed.

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Self Discovery

Write ‘Who Am I?’ on ten cards. Then write rapidly without censoring. Now, sort the cards in order of importance.

Read these back. Imagine them written by someone else and ask :
1. What do these cards tell you about this person?
2. What things are most important?
3. What types of things would this person enjoy doing?
4. If this person had six months to live, how would he spend his time?

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The Truth

To discover the truth of a matter, be independent of opinions. Opinions can always be argued whereas a fact can never be denied.