The Question Flashlight

Use questions to build your stories. Sit back, put the keyboard aside, or the pen down, and let your mind wander. What things do you want to know? Allow yourself to think up questions.

List these questions in your notebook and then put it away and go make yourself a cup of tea (you know by this that I am a Londoner). Later, return to your notebook. What are the answers? Fill the book with your answers and watch your story grow.

Writing Rituals

Writing rituals are great for wasting time. “No, I can’t possibly start today until I’ve got my special mug/pen/brand-new fun-fur-covered notebook/vest.”

Most writers use a word-processor; most would love to have rituals but are already two weeks past a deadline. Most writers who write for a living get up in the morning (albeit grumbling) and write.