What is your style?

Style is an expression of the interest you take in the making of every sentence. It emerges, almost without intent, from your engagement with each sentence. It’s the discoveries you make in the making of the prose itself. Know what each sentence says, what it doesn’t say and what it implies.

Where ambiguity rules, there is no “style”. If you write ambiguous sentences, you create a state of uncontrolled implication. Pursue clarity instead as in the pursuit of clarity, style reveals itself.


Anger is a conscious reaction to being frustrated.  It is a map that tells us what we didn’t like about our past. It shows us our boundaries.  It should never be acted out but acted upon.

There is always a consequence to anger.  It tells us that we need escape our old life and habits. It tells us that we are need to be reborn.

Anger is an invitation to action. But anger itself is not the action.

Daily writing practice

“The soldier is drilled every day so that their exercises are like battles without blood and real battles are like exercises with blood.  Josephus, The Jewish War

Don’t think about inspiration.  Just write every day and allow that discipline to spark your creative instincts, because only with regular practice will you improve your writing skills.

Build your world with words

“The basic rule of vocabulary is use the first word that comes to mind if it is appropriate and colourful.” Steven King

The limits of your language shows the limits of your world. Build your world with new words. Observe the world, listen, read poetry. Notice the hidden detail in small moments.

Don’t be afraid to invent new words. The world will always show us new ways of thinking and that will demand new forms of expression.