Risk all

It is your business to write what other people think but don’t say. Go for the throat.

Start with anything that bothers you – be honest, be angry.

Remember how people react to a car accident. Highways choke up as drivers slow down to gawk. It comes as no surprise that news programmes concentrate on bad news first.  That’s what interests readers.

Good stories question the status quo.  In Romeo and Juliet two teenagers question the status quo of their two families at war.

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Winning is over-emphasised. It’s only important in surgery and war

If nothing is perfect so why should you be?  Have fun – there is nothing wrong in painting a mediocre picture or writing a poor story. Forget the mistakes and enjoy the process.  You can always make it better on the rewrite.

So strive for excellence, not perfection. Excellence is obtainable, healthy and rewarding.  Conquer procrastination by maintaining your enthusiasm and by taking one step at a time.

The Word is Action

Remember: life is simple.  All you have to do is ‘follow through’.

Mask your fear of failure. Write down your reasons for writing this book. If the book feels too large, then divide and conquer.

Alternatively, you could practice doing nothing… see what a bore it is.

The word is Action.