Risk all

It is your business to write what other people think but don’t say. Go for the throat.

Start with anything that bothers you – be honest, be angry.

Remember how people react to a car accident. Highways choke up as drivers slow down to gawk. It comes as no surprise that news programmes concentrate on bad news first.  That’s what interests readers.

Good stories question the status quo.  In Romeo and Juliet two teenagers question the status quo of their two families at war.

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Writing a Journal

The journal is mostly a means to free yourself of the misguided belief that writing should be Important and For a Lofty Purpose, and to remind yourself that writing is something that’s always worth doing. It supplements and stimulates other writing. Never stop keeping one even when you are weighed under with other work.

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Talk Talk

What your character thinks is shown in everything she says. She may be proving or disproving some particular point or enunciating some universal proposition.  All these comments reveal her personality. This also reveals her moral purpose. There are things she wants to talk about or things she wishes to avoid.

Don’t confuse the reader by having your character talk about something of absolutely no relevance to the story. Everything said must be relevant, revealing character’s motivation, experience and attitude.